Short Hair Over 40: It Looks Like A Miracle

Short hair over 40 can give you a boost and help a child in need.

Afraid of short hair over 40? Take the leap with these tips and style ideas. Your hair donation looks great on you and looks like a miracle for a child. I knew I would make a beeline for the cookies and juice. I’d had my eye on the table, just a few yards away, for […]

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Save Money and Impress With the Best Fall Favorites

These fall favorites for decor, style and crafts will save money and impress.

Break out the pumpkin spice with the best fall favorites! Save money and impress your friends with welcoming decor, outfit ideas, and cozy DIY crafts. Wow, that flew by fast! If you’re still wondering where summer went and staring down holiday break, you’re in good company. Grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up, […]

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Five Dollars and a Thrift Store: Hidden Treasure, Cheap Fun

Watch this $5 Friday: Thrift Store edition for fun finds you may not expect!

Been too long since you had cheap fun? See the hidden treasures I found with just five dollars at my local thrift store. Another five dollar Friday! If you’re a newbie to thrift shopping, check out this post: Pro Tips for Thrifting Designer Labels. Can’t get enough? Watch more videos on my Facebook page and […]

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