Month: August 2019

Teens and Tattoos: What You Need to Know Now

Our kids are more open to tattoos than generations before.

If your teen is asking for a tattoo, here’s what you need to know now to have a positive conversation, complete with a printable contract. The SNL skit had us rolling with laughter.  Maybe you remember it:  a young mom sports a trendy tat on her lower back.  Fast-forward 30 years, and the adorable graphic […]

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Five Dollars and a Thrift Store: Hidden Treasure, Cheap Fun

Watch this $5 Friday: Thrift Store edition for fun finds you may not expect!

Been too long since you had cheap fun? See the hidden treasures I found with just five dollars at my local thrift store. Another five dollar Friday! If you’re a newbie to thrift shopping, check out this post: Pro Tips for Thrifting Designer Labels. Can’t get enough? Watch more videos on my Facebook page and […]

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Missing Your Kid? Watch This Powerful Video

Feeling lost in the empty nest? Stop missing your kid and get started on a new path.

This is a big week!  Keep coming back for 5 days of inspiration for Launching Young Adults.  If you’re missing your kid, don’t forget your free gift below. Start by downloading the Empty Nest Mom’s Survival Guide.  You’ll receive your first gift right away, then two more in your inbox.  The first download is 30 […]

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