Try these budget-friendly outdoor DIY decor ideas!

If you’re tired of spending the whole weekend decorating the outside of your home for Christmas, these ideas are for you!


For the first project, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • 2 green (or color of your choice) rectangular table cloths
  • 4 standard-size pool noodles (same color as table cloths)
  • zip ties

I started with PVC pipe poles, anchored in cement. If you’re interested in how I created these, watch this video.

Next, simply thread the pool noodles through the PVC pipes and attach with duct tape at the top. Voila, an archway!

Cover the archway by draping the two plastic tablecloths on either side of the arch and securing them with zip ties.

Add Christmas Lights

If you decide to take your DIY outdoor Christmas decor up a notch, add lights before you attach the tablecloths. Make sure you purchase lights that are cool to the touch, with no danger of starting a fire. (Yikes!)

For my arch, I chose a set of lights that works by remote control. I wrapped them around the arch and then secured the table cloths. No one knows they are there until the sun sets!

Giant Jingle Bells & Holly

Once the base for the arch is in place, we can add some larger elements to make it spectacular. I’m showing how I created giant jingle bells from Dollar Tree bowls. I also added some giant holly leaves I made from green, plastic report covers.

Look through your Christmas decor for items that might work for your outdoor decor project. Plastic ornaments, small wreaths, and plastic candy canes also work well.

Finishing Touches

Fill in any gaps or spaces where the zip ties show with plastic globes or ribbon. I found that light-weight objects adhere really well to the plastic tablecloth with a little bit of glue gun glue. Just don’t overdo it, or you’ll have a hole in the plastic!

I hope this simple, but fun and show-stopping DIY outdoor Christmas decor idea makes your holiday season magical! Comment below and let me know which of these ideas you tried and how they turned out.