Watch this $5 Friday: Thrift Store edition for fun finds you may not expect!
Follow me to the thrift store and see what I found for just five dollars!

Been too long since you had cheap fun? See the hidden treasures I found with just five dollars at my local thrift store. Another five dollar Friday!

You might be surprised by the hidden treasures waiting for you at your local thrift store!
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Watch this 5 minute video and see what I got for $5 at the thrift store!

Swan Glass dish

Something similar sold for $22 on eBay, but I couldn’t find the exact swan. I’m not sure if mine is made for holding butter or candy, but I’m using it as a soap dish!

I stumbled on an interesting story about Duncan & Miller glass company. This dish is probably a replica of Duncan glass from 1890. History buffs and collectors will enjoy this link!

Darth Vader action figure

If this action figure was in mint condition with a box, it would be worth about $75, according to eBay. As I found it at the thrift store, it’s worth about 10 bucks. But still a great find for $1, in my opinion! I’m looking forward to endless pranks around the house.

Fall plaid ribbon, Offray brand 1.5 inch wired

Surprisingly, this exact spool of ribbon retails for $3.84 at the link I’ve attached. I paid 50 cents at the thrift store!

The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw

Click on the link for a synopsis of this book on Goodreads. It sells for $14.49 at Barnes and Noble, so definitely a great find for just $1 at the thrift store.

Maybe I’ll follow up after I’ve read it. I have several relatives in this generation. I’ll bet you know a few in The Greatest Generation as well.

The Home Adventure Library volume 5 Parents’ Guide by James Ertel

Priced at $17.98 on eBay. My research found several manuals and guides by this author, but not much information about who he is or about this Home Adventure Library. Mysterious? Let me know if you have more details.

Come with me to the thrift store and see what I found for just five dollars!
If you've never tried thrift store shopping, check out what I found for just five dollars!