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I’m looking for a few incredible women to come along side and figure out life past 40.  Are you in?

A bit of history

I officially launched this blog in January of 2019, but the content has been percolating under the surface of my life for much longer. Writing has been my therapy of choice for quite some time, but the transition to becoming an empty nester and the events that surrounded it were the catalysts that made me take this gift more seriously.

For 15 years, I left full-time work in order to be involved in my children’s everyday growing up. This was a decision my husband and I made and one that I cherish greatly. In the fall of 2018, when my youngest child left for college, I knew my goals and lifestyle would become drastically different.

What I couldn’t prepare for was the transition from being a valued asset in a loving environment to re-entering a workforce where I felt stereotyped and limited by the lines on my face and the date on my driver’s license.

For the first time, I came face to face (literally) with the feeling of being considered old. My feelings ranged from surprise to anger to resignation. As I began to connect with other women in my situation, I realized I was not alone.

Women over 40 are the greatest untapped source of experience, determination and ingenuity in our society today.

Many of us feel we have a lot to give, but no one seems to want it. Skip to My Life is a celebration of the second half of life, but more than that, it’s a call to women over 40 to cast off the societal pressures of competition and conformity and take their talents, dreams and goals seriously.

Maybe you’re like me

Maybe, like me, you’ve filled various roles up to now, like: mom, daughter, wife, and friend. All those are great.  But now that the nest is emptying, what next?  I’m married and mom to two young adults, so I get it.

Consider this a wake-up call to get your mojo back after you’ve waved goodbye to your kiddo in the rearview mirror. We love them, we miss them, but there is still LIFE. Let’s dry the tears and figure out, together, who we are now.

While I found life at home most fulfilling, my career has been spent in the healthcare industry.  I’ve learned the value of research-based decision making when it comes to using the best products and services available to better my life and health.

Now I’m turning my attention to home, health, and style after 40.  Follow along as I share my research and experience with you on this blog, Facebook, and Pinterest, so you can avoid costly mistakes and look and feel better than ever as you step into this new phase of life.


  • Here you’ll find encouragement to invest in your most precious relationships, with fresh ideas for renewing romance and parenting young adults.
  • Looking to repurpose an empty bedroom, downsize, or style your home for sale? I’ve got plenty of resources to inspire you.
  • After the dust clears and the kids are gone, you can finally dedicate yourself to long-neglected organizing projects. You’ll find tips and tricks for bringing magic to clutter drawers and closets.


We each have a unique reason for being, which can be adjusted or transformed many times over the years.

Garcia and Miralles, Ikigai, page 42
  • Our bodies are changing, whether or not we are ok with that! Here’s help taking excellent care of your health-with streamlined exercise and eating ideas that don’t require added expense or a personal chef. Although hey, I’m not opposed to that!
  • I eat completely gluten free and mostly dairy free, and my husband eats mostly keto. Our kids range from high protein to vegan, depending on what they’re into that semester. You’ll find lots of delicousness for the growing number of us with special dietary needs.
  • Let’s not forget the feels. Without emotional health, it’s tough to get motivated for any of the above. We’ll be diving into books and journalling ideas to guide you through the confusing emotions of the empty nest. You’re not alone.


“Style is a magic wand, and turns everything to gold that it touches.”

Logan Pearsall Smith
  • Last, but definitely the most fun for me-looking fabulous as we age. I’ve enjoyed researching and testing trends and products and can’t wait to share my winners with you. You’ll see a twinge of envy in your daughter’s eye when she checks out your closet on her next school break. 🙂
  • Let’s not forget the budget. Sending kids to adulting school (aka college) costs a pretty penny. I’ve long believed in thrift store magic, and I’ll share my discerning eye with bargain fashions.
  • Makeup doesn’t have to be clownish or costly. Here you’ll find my favorite products for a classic look, as well as advice on items that are worth an investment.

Stick around! You’re among friends.

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