Watch this video for Easy Christmas Hacks!

Small Space Christmas Decor

Clear the holiday overwhelm and make your home a calm, inviting space for friends and family this season! If you’ve recently downsized your home or just crave a simpler decor theme, these small space Christmas decor hacks will get you on the right track.

Three Essential Items

These “anchor” items will get you started:

  1. Christmas tree (I recommend 6 1/2 feet or smaller)
  2. Garland (I recommend 9 feet long)
  3. Wreath (I’m using a 24 inch wreath)

I love the wintery look of flocking, so all my items are covered with white branches. Small space Christmas decor in neutral colors will give a calmer, less busy appearance, but I know not everyone is a fan of flocking, like I am.

Check the video description box for links to everything I’m suggesting.

Ornaments for Small Spaces

Loud, contrasting colors are the biggest offenders when it comes to shrinking your space. Search for ornaments in a monochromatic theme, or with colors of nature.

Clear, glass globes reflect light and add dimension and beauty without visual clutter. You’ll probably find you like this look so well that you’ll want to leave it up through the wintery beginning of next year!

Pops of Color

Because I used a woodland theme for my small space Christmas decor, I chose to add red birds and a few red globes for my standout color. Just this little touch of scarlet added so much interest and will also be a conversation piece when we’re entertaining.

Here is your chance to have fun and add visual interest! Remember there are no longer any “Christmas colors”. Globes and ornaments come in all kinds of vibrant hues.

Most of all, remember the holiday season isn’t really about decor in the end. We are celebrating joy, family, and memories. So give yourself permission to relax and enjoy!