Pottery Barn Dupes You’ll Love!


If you’re like me and you love Pottery Barn Christmas decor but it’s just outside your budget- I’ve got you with these Pottery Barn Christmas dupes! This popular home decor store has started making the most adorable plush seasonal pillows and we can dupe one for less than $5!

For this project, you’ll need an automotive cloth from Dollar Tree or similar plush material, red string or yarn, and either a large sewing needle or some fabric glue. Links provided to the glue I used in the video description box.

Now it’s just a matter of tracing the star or other pattern you love and either sewing or gluing it to the front of the plush fabric. Once this is done, choose a matching or contrasting fabric to sew or glue to the back, and stuff with fiberfil.

We just saved about 40 bucks on this Pottery Barn Christmas dupe!


Since my husband and I have drastically downsized our living space, we just don’t have room for all the Christmas nik naks anymore.

One of my favorite “stress busters” is cruising the aisles of my local thrift store for abandoned and unloved holiday decor. That’s how I happened upon this ceramic nativity and knew it would be a perfect Pottery Barn Christmas dupe.

If you decide to take on a redo like the one I did in the video, look for a piece with great lines and details. Even if the colors or style of painting doesn’t appeal to you, this won’t matter in the end.

Next, spray or hand paint the entire piece in a neutral color- I like cream or tan. For the finishing touch, add a coat of pearlized spray paint, like the brand I found at Walmart (Colorshot metallic paint + primer in Bubble Bath).

Amazing transformation! And this sweet little piece hardly takes any space to display or store.


Trust me when I tell you, these old-world metallic bells are hot this decor season! I love them, but not enough to pay hundreds. So, we’re creating another Pottery Barn Christmas dupe using a variety of tin cans, paper napkins and some jute twine.

Once you’ve selected cans in various sizes, emptied and cleaned them, cover each with a thin layer of mod podge or school glue. Next, decopauge the paper napkin in gold or bronze (I found mine at Party City) to the surface of the can.

Add a ring holder to the top of the can by wrapping a piece of wire in a circle and securing it with some glue gun or E6000.

Finish this project with a “hanger” made of jute twine.

The secret of this look is having multiples. At this price, you can make as many of these Pottery Barn Christmas dupes as you like!


If the first pillow project was a bit too involved for you, try something simpler. If you aren’t comfortable with a sewing machine or don’t own one, never fear!

Check out the link in the video description box for the fabric hot glue I used for this Pottery Barn Christmas dupe.

Simply glue two pieces of fabric with right sides together, leaving a gap to turn them right side out. Fill with fiberfil and glue the hole closed.

There you have it! Plaid is super on-trend this holiday season, as are all things British. Probably because we’ve been tuned in to the comings and goings of British royalty as an escape from “real life” this year!


This last idea is so simple you may find yourself making multiples for gifts. Pick up a plain rug from Dollar Tree, as well as a package of their red and white clothes line. After you’ve measured off the area you want for your wording (I measured 6 inches from top and bottom), it’s time to use your best cursive writing!

With a piece of chalk, write a holiday word like: Merry, Holiday, Joy or whatever else your heart desires! Once the word is to your liking, simply glue gun the clothes line along that chalk line.

Take your time, this line wants to unravel. And I also recommend using finger protectors on this project.

Let me know which of these Pottery Barn Christmas dupes was your favorite!