Here’s the inspiration you need to redo your laundry room on a Dollar Tree budget!

Even if your laundry area is as tiny as mine it doesn’t have to be dreary or expensive to organize. Here’s the inspiration you need to start your own laundry room redo!

Check Your Surfaces

Start by taking a really good look at the surfaces in your laundry area. Sometimes a thorough scrubbing does wonders. Just removing a layer of dryer dust and detergent gunk can get your laundry room redo started in the right direction.

Because my washer is on it’s last leg (as in-not sure what that weird noise is coming from inside), I decided to make a bold move and give the surface a total redo with Dollar Tree peel and stick wallpaper. If you choose to take this project on, I recommend one little bit of advice: take your time!

This can be a really fun and rewarding way to renew a surface in your laundry area, but you’ll only be frustrated if you rush it.

Laundry Room Lighting

If you have any money to invest in your laundry room redo- I recommend you spend it on the best overhead lighting. Click on the description box in my video to check out the light I used.

Working in a dark, dreary environment is no fun. You may even be subconsciously avoiding doing laundry because you can’t really see well!

Another tip for lightening up the laundry is to paint the room, or even one wall, a bright white. My appliances sit in a glorified closet. I realized the background wall color soaked up all the light available in the space.

I was amazed at what a difference it made to paint that wall a primer white, a project that cost under $10.

Dollar Tree Laundry Room Containers

Here comes the fun part! Gorgeous storage containers are all the rage in laundry upgrades, but they don’t have to cost a fortune.

Check out some of my favorite Dollar Tree lucite and plastic containers and systems to corral commonly used laundry items like:

  • clothes pins
  • detergent
  • scent beads
  • stain removers
  • fabric sheets

Space for Non-Laundry Items

One of my YouTube subbies mentioned her biggest challenge in the laundry area was making space for all the non-laundry items that also live in this room. I think that’s an issue many of us can relate to.

The biggest space-takers in my laundry area are cleaning supplies. I need to store window cleaner, cleanser, air freshener, and all manner of other solutions here and they quickly add clutter to my tiny space.

I decided to do an audit of the supplies I really use and those I bought on impulse and have just been hanging on to. You may be surprised how much space all these bottles and boxes are taking up, should you decide to do the same!

Although I had a mop system I was happy with, I did some research and found that a steam-style mop and counter cleaner would drastically reduce the space I needed to hold these pieces. Using only water for steam eliminates the need for cleaning fluids and gives me even more space in exchange.

Laundry Room Focal Point

Just because this area of your home is functional, that’s no reason it can’t also be beautiful and fun! Choose a piece of art that makes you smile and hang it on the wall. Maybe an inspirational statement, or a family photo will make this task a bit more tolerable.

In this episode, I’ll show you how to make a living wall-a focal point of faux plants. If that sounds like fun to you, watch and see how easy it is to make.

Look at You Now!

My laundry area used to be a part of my home that I, honestly, avoided. But since my Dollar Tree laundry room redo, I keep catching myself walking by to take a look.

Remember, just because these areas of our home are used for utility purposes doesn’t mean they can’t be an enjoyable place for working.