Short hair over 40 can give you a boost and help a child in need.
A little scared of short hair? Read on for motivation.

Afraid of short hair over 40? Take the leap with these tips and style ideas. Your hair donation looks great on you and looks like a miracle for a child.

Curious about short hair over 40? Here's the information you need to make a decision.
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I knew I would make a beeline for the cookies and juice. I’d had my eye on the table, just a few yards away, for the hour I’d had a rubber tube snaking down my arm.

Guilted into donating blood, I’d nervously submitted to the health survey and forged ahead when the nurse placed a needle. From there it was downhill-at least what I can remember.

As others came in, donated, and left, I realized my process was going to be different. The curious look on the volunteer’s face told me all I needed to know. “Are you feeling ok, honey?” She quizzed me, forcing a glass of water into my free hand.

Like most of the other college students, I’d come into the donation center on an empty stomach. Those store-bought sugar cookies and neatly lined, Solo cups of apple juice looked like a buffet. If I could only make it to that table.

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Short Hair Over 40

As much as I’d love to, donating blood just isn’t my calling. A combination of borderline anemia and slow-flowing vessels leaves me close to passing out every time.

But, over the years, I’ve come across another kind of donation that not only makes me feel like a new person, but creates miracles for many others.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of short hair over 40, here’s some information to help you make a decision that’s best for you.

What Happens to Aging Hair?

Advertisers bombard us with images of damaged, wrinkled, and spotted skin over 40, but the process of aging hair isn’t as widely known.

… 40 is the magic number. After that, the thickness of individual pigmented strands decreases, so it’s finer overall, despite the facts that your grays, bless ’em, tend to be coarser and thicker…


Many women over 40 are choosing to embrace gray and ditch the cost and inconvenience of dye. But even hair that isn’t processed with chemicals for color or texture will naturally change with age.

Hair naturally loses fullness due to a gradual increase in shed hair. In additon, hair growth slows as we celebrate birthdays.

Ever wondered what’s at the “root” of gray or white hair? Cells which produce the pigment melanin slowly substitute air bubbles as we age. Hair doesn’t change color so much as it loses pigment. The result is “colorless” grey or white strands.

Youthful hair follicles contain plenty of the pigment melanin.
Aging hair follicles lose melanin and, subsequently, color.

Short Hair Pros and Cons

Cutting hair short can be scary, especially if you’ve worn one style for many years, But it just might be the perfect option for you. Here’s why.

Turning 40, a woman already knows who she is, and she is less into making an impression, but more about being who she is, because she knows her self worth. 

The Right Hair Styles

With age, we lose collagen in our face and features become more angular and pronounced. Shoulder or chin length hair puts the focus on those features and can look absolutely striking.

Ditch the helmet hair and Mom Jeans for a new chapter.

If you’re searching for an easy way to announce your “kid free” independence, a shorter ‘do is your answer. Nothing will update your look more efficiently than a new hairstyle.

Although short hair has gotten a bad rap for the “soccer mom” and “helmet hair” styles of past generations, today’s looks are more natural. For some style inspiration, watch this youtube video.

One of the biggest advantages to shorter hair is ease of maintenance, less drying time, and fewer products. With a really good cut, short hair over 40 can dramatically decrease your preparation time.

Let’s be honest, there’s a chance you could hate it. Do your research and take your time making a decision. If you really want to try a shorter hairstyle and need a little push, here’s a great motivation.

Looks Like a Miracle

Regina Villemure was just a regular hairstylist-until tragedy struck her family. Regina’s three year old niece, Sarah, received the diagnosis of leukemia. As she watched Sarah receive life-saving chemotherapy, Regina’s eyes were opened to the world of childhood hair loss.

The common option for children facing the embarassment and pain of hair loss were adult-size, second-hand, synthetic wigs that neither fit well nor felt comfortable. Regina knew she could do better.

These natural hair wigs increase confidence, help patients suffering from illness feel better, and allow the wearers to lead active lives. What’s more special than that?

The Balance Small Business

In 2000, Regina founded Children With Hairless, a nonprofit organization that delivers human-hair wigs for children with medical need at no cost.

Along with their new wig, kids receive a generous gift of sponsored products to help care for their new set of hair. To these kids, that special package means feeling normal again.

My Journey With Hair Donation

years ago, I lost my mom to pancreatic cancer. In the year that followed, I struggled to come up with a fitting tribute. I wanted a way to remember and honor her. Something that symbolized her love of children and her volunteer spirit.

I may not be an ace at giving blood, but my hair comes in thick and full. After some research, I decided to grow and donate to Children With Hair Loss.

This year, I completed my fourth donation. Both my son and daughter have donated, as well. I like to think that mom’s legacy is living on in the smiles of some very special children.

Although there are many organizations that accept hair for wigs, CWHL is the only one I’ve found that accepts color-treated or gray hair (although they prefer non-processed hair). Their length requirement of just 8 inches is very doable for me.

Short hair over 40 doesn't have to be as scary as donating blood.
The prize was so much better than a tasty treat.

When I was staring down that table of sugar cookies and apple juice I had no idea I was taking the first step toward a lifetime of hair donation. Being a blood-donor failure all those years ago led to becoming a small part of a child’s healing journey today.

Let’s face it, short hair over 40 can be scary. But nothing like the anguish children with an unexpecged diagnosis and their family’s face.

If you’re ready to make a miracle and update your style at the same time, share your story with us, either here or on my Facebook page. Then have a cookie and juice on me…

Afraid of short hair over 40? Here's why you should go for it!
Curious about short hair over 40? Here's the information you need to make a decision.
Don't be scared by short hair over 40. Take the leap and donate at the same time!