These fall favorites for decor, style and crafts will save money and impress.
Celebrate fall with these favorite ideas and money saving tips!

Break out the pumpkin spice with the best fall favorites! Save money and impress your friends with welcoming decor, outfit ideas, and cozy DIY crafts.

These fall favorites will help you celebrate the season and save money.
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Wow, that flew by fast! If you’re still wondering where summer went and staring down holiday break, you’re in good company.

Grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and review some of these fall favorites at Skip to My Life. Just click on the title and you’ll be redirected to the post.

Around the House

We talked about all things home decor, food, and organization this fall.

Downsizing Home Tour

I gave you a tour of our “Love Cottage”, the small home my husband and I are renting after we sold our McMansion quicker than expected. Some of you have told me you’ve been inspired to start your Empty Nest downsizing.

Even if that’s not you, enjoy my step-by-step DIY decorating ideas!

Choose a focal point and a neutral color scheme to make a smaller space feel bigger.

ALDI- 5 Amazing Ingredients

We’ve gone from feeding a horde of hungry young adults to cooking for two. The transition has been tricky, for sure. If you’re struggling to make cheap, healthy meals for two-you need this information. Free printable recipes!

5 ALDI favorites will make you look like a chef!

Planner Sheets

These planning sheets printables will help wrangle your days between now and the end of the year. Who knows, your spouse or kids just might like them, too.

Divide daily routines and schedules into "must" "should" and "maybe".


Oh my goodness. I told a dear friend today at lunch I’ve been “crafting my way to sanity” lately. She got me… Even if you don’t consider yourself especially artistic, working with your hands is so therapeutic and stress-busting.

Vintage Map

This simple, inexpensive project will help you feel connected to family, even if you’re spread across the country. Ever wonder how to make something new look aged and “vintage”? This post takes you through the process.

Buff your lettering with a fine grit sandpaper to age the map.

Fall Care Package Tags

Here’s one of of my new fall favorites! You’ll want this printable to send in a care package for your favorite young adult, your parents, or a coworker. I tell you exactly what to buy and how to put it together.

Have fun making this simple care package for your student.

Crafts for Empty Nest Grief

The research backs me up! Learn more about crafting as therapy and get inspired with ideas for any level of availability.

Craft your way out of Empty Nest grief with these 10 ideas.

Mini Pumpkins

I made a basketful of the grey and white checked pumpkins you see in the jar below and I’ll teach you how to make these fall favorites yourself. Just a few materials are required. You probably already have them!

For just a couple dollars, you can transform fall decor into spooky Halloween!


Fall is full of celebration and transition. Maybe it’s the first time you’re marking this season without your kids around. If so, here are some fun ideas to help you celebrate in new ways!

Celebrate Halloween Without Kids

You really need to read this post, if for no other reason than seeing the couples’ costumes I’ve made my husband wear over the years.

My behind-the-scenes look into the world of fright night.

Buffalo Plaid Door Decor

Everyone’s going crazy for buffalo plaid this year! Here are simple instructions to create door decor using materials you already have.

Make sure to remove the wire from your ribbon before gluing to pumpkins.


Fall is a great time to go through your overstuffed closet and pair down. You’ll be inspired to streamline your look with these posts.

Fall Walmart Haul

Look what I found at Walmart! With these classic pieces, you’ll be looking great while spending very little.

Just 6 of the looks you can achieve with this 10 piece capsule wardrobe.

Capsule Wardrobe

Ever wondered what a “capsule wardrobe” is? Read this post and find out what all the fuss is about. Free printable will help you put together your own capsule.

Just 10 wardrobe classics can make a big difference in your over 40 style.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my whirlwind tour of the best fall favorites from Skip to My Life! Please join our group on Facebook, and come on over to Pinterest for even more fun.

Impress your friends with these fall favorites for home decor, style, and DIY crafts.
These fall favorites will help you celebrate the season and save money.
Welcoming fall favorites with these DIY projects, home decor ideas and style tips.