Rediscover your dreams and passions with just $5!

Come with me to Big Lots for this edition of $5 Friday! Check out my self-care haul with snacks, office supplies, and pampering items you’ll want to try.

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Watch this five minute video-unpacking my Big Lots haul!

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Fresh Finds Sparkling Water

I couldn’t find the 1 liter size online, but I’ve provided a link to the cans in various flavors. Grapefruit tasted great and the smell was refreshing! You may be able to find the size and flavor I featured in your local store.

Freedom Bar Raisin Almond flavor

Again, could’t find this item on the Big Lots site, but provided a link to the company website. It tastes very similar to a KIND bar and is gluten free.

Big Lots brand Assorted Sticky Notes & Flags

Sorry, but apparently Big Lots isn’t great at indexing their items! Nothing found online. Here is the item#: MF940535

Epielle Larger Size Moisturizing Socks

This size was all that was available in my store. Here’s what they look like on. So refreshing after a day on your feet or in the summer heat!

Big Lots moisturizing socks were a refreshing $5 Friday find!
I will definitely be getting more of these!

Bigs Savory Wasabi flavor Sunflower Kernels

If you or someone you know loves sunflower seeds or kernels, this is your brand! Bigs has all kinds of unusual flavors.

I was afraid they would be really spicy, but I was pleasantly surprised at the mellow flavor. More spice the further down the bag you go. A nice, gluten free snack!

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Take great care of yourself with items from Big Lots.
Watch this 5 minute video as I unpack my Big Lots Haul.
Watch this 5 minute video to see what I found for just $5 at Big Lots!