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As you know, launching kids can be tricky in today’s world.  I wish I could give a guarantee that everything will be ok once you’ve waved goodbye to your young adult. We’d all love to know they will make great choices, pick friends wisely and study hard.

Missing Your Kid?

The truth is, moms of young adults put a lot of energy into preparing our kids for their next step:

  • Stuffing the trunk full of dorm essentials
  • Making doctor appointments
  • Giving that last bit of advice before we pull away

We have so many dreams for our children, and even more reasons to be proud of them.  But what if the biggest secret of raising emotionally healthy kids has nothing to do with shielding them from problems? What if their happiness starts with taking care of ourselves. It’s ok that you’re missing your kid, but what now?

Parents who have been very involved with their kids’ lives… may find themselves with hours of time they haven’t had for years, as well as without the buddies with whom they shared those activities.

Hartwell-Walker, M. Psych Central

Surprisingly, studies tell us that moms who make themselves a priority set a great example for their children. Does your kid have the peace of mind that you will be fine without them?

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Is it too late to send a note in their backpack?

What now?

If you’re anything like me, the Empty Nest means a loss of routine activity like attending games and concerts. More importantly, it can also mean your social network has changed drastically. You’re probably especially lost if most of your friends were parents of your kids’ friends.

Many empty nest moms have told me they don’t know where to start!  Because it’s been so long since they’ve put themselves first, they’re unsure what to pursue or how to make new friends. On top of missing your kid, you may be feeling a huge void in your social network.

Where to Start

If any of this describes you, you’re in great company.  Start by downloading my Empty Nest Moms Survival Guide.  Your first free printable is 30 Thought Vitamins Daily Affirmations. 

Of course you take a daily vitamin to keep your body healthy. Why not take a daily Thought Vitamin to keep your thoughts from straying down an unhealthy path?

Feeling lost in the empty nest? Watch this video and get started on a new path.
Where did all my parenting buddies go?

I created these cards when I was missing my kid terribly. They helped me rediscover myself not just as my kids’ mom, but also as my own person.

Most importantly, my Thought Vitamin kept me focused and moving forward.

Here are some examples: 

  • “When all else fails, I can laugh.”

My circumstances tempted me to take life too seriously. Looking for humor made a huge difference.

  • “Others need what only I can give.”

For quite awhile, I struggled to believe this statement.  But in time, I was convinced of its truth.  I realized I’m valued, not just for my role in my kids’ lives, but for myself.

…once the intense time of leading the children to adulthood is over, it’s up to us to decide what we will do with the rest of life that is available to us.

Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D.

In addition to 30 days of Thought Vitamins affirmations, you’ll receive two printable worksheets. One to help inventory areas you may have neglected, like routine health exams, wardrobe updates, and relationship goals.  The third worksheet will help put together a plan and get started!

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you’ll join our growing group of Empty Nest Moms who are receiving encouragement. We need practical ideas for navigating this next step!

Come back tomorrow, when I’ll share more of my story. We’ll talk about how to tame Empty Nest panic when you’re missing your kid.

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