Create an Affordable Home Office
These affordable products will help you create an office that brings out your best work.

If you’re looking for inspiration to create a special place for your hobby or business, take a trip to Dollar Tree with me! I’ll show you how to jazz up a few inexpensive items and create a space that will inspire you.

Watch my Youtube video for tips on creating a space just for you!

This video is a follow up from my $5 Friday Facebook video. Check it out! I’ve added a couple of additional items from the original video.

Donna Karan book

I mentioned this book on my original video, but didn’t have time to give my review today. This book is a fun summer read if you are looking to escape into the world of high fashion design.

Whether or not you pick up this book, I hope you look for inspiration from others you admire. Take the time to read and study those who excel at what you are trying to achieve.

Here are some pieces of wisdom I took away from Donna’s life story:

  • Being rich doesn’t make you happy
  • The pressure of retail creativity is an incredible burden
  • Stay true to your vision and you will eventually find your “tribe”

“You are the same person as you were last year at this time, except for the people you have met and the books you have read.”

Plastic Paper Trays

These came in fuschia, spray painted them gold, then cream, and finally ended up with mint. I’m linking to something similar, the pattern I found isn’t available now.

Ceramic figurine and sign

I found a whimsical origami bird, which I couldn’t find online but linked to something similar. The sign I chose “Write your own story” is available through the link, as well as others inspirational sayings.

Glitter cup holder

A graduation frame, repurposed as a fun coaster!


Make the most of your vertical space by hanging clipboards on your wall. You can use them to help organize projects, or as a simple frame for printouts or photos.

Create an Affordable Home Office
Use these simple tips to create a home office that brings out your best work.