Clothing Over 40

Save Money and Impress With the Best Fall Favorites

These fall favorites for decor, style and crafts will save money and impress.

Break out the pumpkin spice with the best fall favorites! Save money and impress your friends with welcoming decor, outfit ideas, and cozy DIY crafts. Wow, that flew by fast! If you’re still wondering where summer went and staring down holiday break, you’re in good company. Grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up, […]

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Easy Ways to Up Your Guy’s Fashion Game

If you think women’s style over 40 is complicated, take a look at recent changes in acceptable professional attire for your guy.  Chances are, your husband needs a little help navigating a more current look, although he probably won’t be asking for it anytime soon. The subject of clothing has been a prickly one in […]

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3 Steps Forward: Updating Your Style Over 40

Changing roles after the kids are launched can be a tricky business when it comes to fashion.  If your closet is filled with school logos and sweatshirts, it’s time to come up with a game plan to refresh your style and feel confident embarking on a new phase.  With a simple plan in mind, you […]

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No-Nos for Yoga Pants Over 40

UPDATE: Check out my Spring Walmart Workout Haul Now that the shine’s worn off my New Year’s resolutions, I’m looking for a good incentive to get off the couch.   A new addition to my workout wardrobe usually does the trick to bring a little freshness to my routine. My daughters’ generation is exceedingly comfortable with […]

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40+ Beauty: Insider Tips and Tricks

Hey ladies! It’s been a long, hard winter here and maybe where you are, as well. I’m looking for a little ray of sunshine and a way to do something nice for myself, how about you? Check out this great read, Beauty 40+, written by Boris Entrup , make-up pro and beauty insider.  Boris (love […]

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Pro Tips for Thrifting Designer Labels

My love affair with the thrift store began when my kids were small and our budget was tight.  Now that we’re putting two kids through college while planning for retirement, we’re always looking for ways to stretch our dollar. I’ve turned these limitations into a treasure hunt by finding designer brands at a fraction of […]

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