Hey ladies! It’s been a long, hard winter here and maybe where you are, as well. I’m looking for a little ray of sunshine and a way to do something nice for myself, how about you?

Check out this great read, Beauty 40+, written by Boris Entrup , make-up pro and beauty insider.  Boris (love the name) has some incredible insights on what works for looking fresh and healthy over 40. Why don’t you join me and take a little me-time to freshen up your skin care routine before spring and summer roll around? They will, you know…

Skincare Must Haves

1.  Hyaluronic Acid

Although the name sounds harsh, this chemical, usually found in a cream or lotion, helps skin retain moisture and decreases fine wrinkles.

2.  Ceramides

Plant-based formulas that protect the skin from dehydration

3.  Hydroxy Acids

Can be formulated in very gentle or more aggressive treatments to slough dead skin cells and exfoliate without abrasive scrubbing.

4.  Retinol

Boosts new skin cell production, stimulates connective tissue formation, repairs damage and adds moisture.  Can irritate and bring sunburn, so be conservative until you know how your skin reacts.

5.  Sunscreen

SPF of at least 15 should be worn on your face every day, no matter the weather.  Remember to cover up with a hat and a higher SPF in direct sunlight.  Sun is the quickest skin aging component.

Do’s and Don’ts for Makeup Over 40

1.  Choose a matte lipcolor versus shiny or glossy

2.  Translucent face powder will minimize lines and wrinkles, while matte powder settles into creases and makes them more pronounced.

3.  Go with the lightest foundation color that matches your skintone, avoid a “fake tan” look, which can be aging.

4.  Since lips grow thinner with age, invest in a lipliner that matches the natural color of your lips.

5.  If you use eyeliner, go for a blended, natural look versus a severe line.

Updated Style Tips

1.  Avoid severe hairstyles.  Opt for longer bangs that fall to the side and layered versus blunt cuts.

2.  Dress with pops of color versus all black, which can be aging.

3.  Give up the long, acrylic nails!  They are difficult to maintain and unhealthy for nail growth.  Opt for a shorter nail with a light color.

4.  The “perfect” look, especially in dressing, is aging.  Look for casual styles that still look put-together.

5.  Not fair, but women over 40 still get skin breakouts.  A little salicylic acid will take care of the occasional pimple.

Of course, all rules are made to be broken, so take what works for you or share some of your own beauty secrets by commenting below! As always, remember the skin you are in is incredibly beautiful.