Simple DIY Kitchen Herb Garden

Money-saving kitchen herb garden

Your summer budget may not allow for a Tuscan get-away or a wine country tour, but you can bring a bit of culinary magic to your home, just the same. Grow a simple, kitchen herb garden with your family over the summer months and enjoy money-saving flavor while creating a fun memory.

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5 Recipe Favorites for Empty Nesters

Making the transition from feeding a family to cooking for two can be quite a challenge, especially when it’s fraught with the emotion of being a recent empty-nester. My husband and I are six months into the journey, and just now feel like we are getting the hang of it.  At first, we realized we […]

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ALDI + $100 = 1 Week of Meals for Two

We’ve had about two months in the empty nest, and life is beginning to take on a new rhythm.  One of the adjustments has been transitioning from hectic meals with teenagers and their friends to cooking and planning meals for just the two of us. Initially, we found ourselves eating out or eating separately as […]

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What’s in my ALDI Cart?

I sometimes giggle when I see the luxury cars parked outside the new ALDI in my town.  My mom was an ALDI fan way before it was chic.  In those days, canned goods were the “safe” items, and produce, dairy, and meat were to be avoided.  She was a single mom raising a family on […]

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