Cooking for two again? Here are some of our recipe favorites.

Making the transition from feeding a family to cooking for two can be quite a challenge, especially when it’s fraught with the emotion of being a recent empty-nester.

My husband and I are six months into the journey, and just now feel like we are getting the hang of it.  At first, we realized we were buying way too much food.  Still use to feeding our young adults and whatever groups of friends might come and go, we were staring down mass quantities of groceries we would never eat.

We also realized we had adjusted our health needs to meet the whims of young adults.  Chips, soda and pizza had become common fare, not great choices for mom and dad!

Just when we had adjusted our grocery list, December rolled around.  That meant Christmas break and hungry hordes of college students leaving their size 15 shoes at the door and heading for the pantry.  Back to the old, bad habits!

Before spring break and summer come our way, we’ve made some healthy choices and gotten our kids on board, as well.  As we’ve gotten use to cooking for two, we’ve decided on a few recipes that lend themselves to smaller servings.  I’m listing 5 of our favorites, with links to the recipes.  Since I eat completely gluten free and mostly dairy free and my husband eats mostly paleo, these recipes are adapted.  I’ve found it’s easier to make changes to “regular” pasta and higher carb options, than it is to adapt recipes to special dietary needs.

Meatballs in Marinara Sauce

This is a great dish to make ahead and freeze in smaller quantities. This recipe features Whole 30 and Paleo instructions, but you can always make it with your favorite pasta.

Broiled Salmon with Garlic

Not something our kids love, so we feel like we are getting away with something when we make it!

Fried Rice   

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(can be adapted with Cauliflower rice and gluten free soy sauce or aminos)

Use up any leftover chicken, fish, or beef from other recipes.

Zuppa Toscana

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A great meal for the crockpot or instant pot on days neither of you has time to cook.

Beef Tips

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A budget-friendly meal that can be served over rice or by itself.

What are your favorite meals for two?