No-Nos for Yoga Pants Over 40

UPDATE: Check out my Spring Walmart Workout Haul Now that the shine’s worn off my New Year’s resolutions, I’m looking for a good incentive to get off the couch.   A new addition to my workout wardrobe usually does the trick to bring a little freshness to my routine. My daughters’ generation is exceedingly comfortable with […]

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Spring Wal-Mart Workout Haul

Ice and artic temps kept us locked up indoors again this week and my waistline is starting to show the results of a harsh winter spent sipping cocoa and eating comfort foods.  In search of some springtime motivation, I ventured over to Wal-Mart to check out their new line of spring workout essentials.  Here’s what […]

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How to Get a Great Workout- Anywhere

Raise your hand if you’re a fan of sweaty gyms?  Me either.  I may or may not have spent ungodly amounts of money on gym memberships I’ve rarely used.  The biggest reason gyms haven’t worked for me has been because they’re inconvenient.  Exercise is more likely to happen if I can fit it into my […]

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