Fit exercise into your work day with a portable gym.

Raise your hand if you’re a fan of sweaty gyms?  Me either.  I may or may not have spent ungodly amounts of money on gym memberships I’ve rarely used.  The biggest reason gyms haven’t worked for me has been because they’re inconvenient.  Exercise is more likely to happen if I can fit it into my daily routine, and getting to the gym has always been a chore.

More and more, my exercise goals are simply to feel healthy and avoid injury from stiffness and lack of coordination.  I don’t need a row of weight machines to accomplish either of those. 

In an effort to work exercise into my everyday, I’ve done everything from keeping 5 pound hand weights at my desk to wearing small sandbags around my ankles when running errands.  But those ideas are impractical when traveling and tough to pull out of your handbag. 

The answer:  Exercise Bands!  They’re inexpensive, almost weightless, and offer an endless array of both resistance and stretching exercises.  I’ve been known to pull my exercise band out during a slow time at work and do a few repetitions, as well as using them while waiting in an airport terminal.

I recommend you start with an inexpensive set like this one– most come with up to 3 bands of various resistance. 

My husband brought back my favorite exercise band from a recent team building conference at work.  I love it because it’s long enough to accommodate both upper body stretches, like arm curls, as well as leg stretches and flies.

If you’ve tried exercise bands, share your favorite moves. Vow to never surrender to “bingo wings” and “angel arms”!