Resolutions growing thin? Up your workout with some new gear from Walmart.

Ice and artic temps kept us locked up indoors again this week and my waistline is starting to show the results of a harsh winter spent sipping cocoa and eating comfort foods.  In search of some springtime motivation, I ventured over to Wal-Mart to check out their new line of spring workout essentials.  Here’s what I found:


Walmart Avia brand Chevrom leggings for $14.99

Avia hits it out of the park again with the fit, style and price of their workout wear.  My favorite piece is the Chevron Leggings, which are cut for comfort and support, but styled to flatter any figure- a big motivator to get moving.


This jacket and leggings will be my go-to dog-walking outfit on the sunny days I hope are coming soon.  I’ll pair them with a sports bra or breathable shirt and my favorite walking shoes.  While I’m waiting to feel the warmth of spring, this jacket will look great with jeans or sweat pants.

Avia jacket for $19.86 is comfortable and stylish.

Waist Pack

With 2 leashes to maneuver, the waist pack will be a great addition for walks on the trail with my two crazy dogs. No more juggling my phone, water, and doggie bags.  Squirrel!

Thin waistpack for $6.59 comes in several fun colors.

I’ll be doing some travel this month, so I’m on the lookout for portable workout gear that doesn’t break the bank.  I hit the jackpot with the Evolve line, sponsored by Gaiam. Rodney Yee has been one of my favorite yoga instructors for years, so I trust this line and wasn’t disappointed with these two pieces.

Reformer Straps

If you’ve never used a Pilates Reformer or even heard of one, you’re in for a treat with these portable reformer straps.  Need to stretch the cold-weather tightness from your muscles and joints?  Check out this easy to follow YouTube video.  The routine is divided into 20-minute segments and is adaptable for any fitness level.

Portable Reformer straps for $9.97 give a great core workout.

Foldable Yoga Mat

Stretching and balance are so important in order to prevent injuries, especially for those of us living in icy conditions.  I love this foldable mat both because it looks cool and because I can slip it in my suitcase for travel.  After a long flight, a few downward dogs will feel like heaven.

Evolve foldable yoga mat for $12.97 slides easily into the front pocket of my suitcase.

Here’s the list of my 5 Spring Workout Items, with links to purchase them.  My total was less that I’d pay for 4-5 gym classes, and I know I’ll be using them long into the future. 

Revitalizing my fitness resolve and looking forward to sunny days ahead are priceless!

Whether you pick up a couple of these items or something completely different, invest in your health and look forward to spring walks outside. You’re worth it!