Holiday Spa Day ideas from Dollar Tree!

Plan a cold weather spa day with bargain items from Dollar Tree. Keep a stash of self-care items on hand for when you need it most!

Keep a stash of cold weather spa day items on hand for when you need it most!
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The last straw was crunchy hair. Not my 80s mile-high “wave” bangs, crunchy from product overuse. Crunchy as in stiff-as-a-board frozen from the roots.

Once again, I’d braved the below zero temps of my Midwestern upbringing. The plummeting temps and stinging wind turned my morning dash from house to car into a survival event.

Even damp hair coiled to tiny icicles within seconds. I vowed, then and there, to seek warmer climates as soon as I was an adult and had power over my geography.

Cold Weather Spa Day

Between the craziness of the holidays and the promise of spring lies the wasteland of winter months.

So over winter? Plan a spa day at home with Dollar Tree items!
So over winter? Maybe it’s time for an affordable spa day.

If you’re slogging through the cold weather doldrums then, chances are, you need some special treatment. Not only will a planned day of TLC give your spirits a boost, but it can also shore up your immune system and keep germs at bay.

Our immune systems are incredible, but they’re not magical. They need to be looked after, and getting enough rest really makes a difference to how well we’re fighting off nasty bacteria. 


Have you priced a spa treatment lately? Massages, mani/pedis and facials are wonderful treats. But for many of us, cost relegates these services to a very occasional occurrence. An at-home cold weather spa day is the answer. Keep reading and start planning your guilty pleasures now.

Plan a Soothing Spa Day

Start by printing out this At Home Spa Day Planner, then follow along and start looking forward to taking care of yourself.

The first four spaces at the top of the form are definitely the most important. Life is crazy. Unless we set a date and time to make this cold weather spa day happen, we both know chances are pretty slim we’ll follow through.

What’s your goal?

  • Recovering from a lingering cold
  • Creating a vision for the year
  • Getting back in touch with your emotions
  • Catching up on Netflix

Whether you have just a couple of hours or a whole day to dedicate to rejuvenation, begin by setting your intention.

Maybe you’re afraid life will crowd out your good intentions. In that case, invite a friend or two to join you and make it an event!

Supplies on the Cheap

After you’ve set your goal for the day, start gathering supplies. Keep reading for links to some of my Dollar Tree favorites.

Healthy and fun snacks and drinks will be at the top of your list.

Before you indulge in an ice tea or mojito, down some water. Your body will thank you for giving it a refreshing break from the dry, forced air of winter months. As a result, you’ll have more energy and a greater shot at staying healthy.

Food and Drink

Make sure to up your water intake to dodge germs this season.
Water is life, especially during cold months.

In winter months the air is extra dry. Dehydration can cause us to feel fatigued, dizzy, and unable to concentrate.

Evy Smith, University of Vermont Medical Center

If trying a healthy recipe is on your schedule, start by checking out some of my favorites here.

Find these Dollar Tree nom noms by clicking the links.


Whether your idea of relaxation means reading poetry or binge-watching your favorite series, make sure you have all your materials on hand.

Plan a cold weather spa day and revitalize your spirit this season!
Plan inspiration in whatever form renews you.

Lately, I’ve been really lucky finding great best-sellers at Dollar Tree. The selection can be hit or miss, but the book section is definitely worth checking out each time you’re in the store.

Create and Dream

Together with taking care of your body, your cold weather spa day should include an activity that renews your spirit and makes space for dreaming.

In addition to gathering all the typical spa day necessities, include craft supplies, a journal, or materials for making a vision board.

Dollar Tree Supplies

Click below for links to more of my Dollar Tree spa day favorites.

Nail Care




Muscle and Skin

Just for Fun

Plastic Storage Tub

Next Time

Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t stay on track or do everything you wanted during your spa day. Just use the Planner to record what you’d like to change for your next Home Spa Day. Start gathering supplies and dreaming of taking care of you.

What I Wish I’d Known

If you’re scraping a half inch of ice off your windshield this month or just dreaming of a break from gray skies, a cold weather spa day will carry you through to the balmy days of spring.

Not only are my frozen hair days behind me, but we’ve chosen a warmer climate where I rarely even need a heavy jacket. But, even though I’m loving milder winters, the fact is I still need a spa day every now and then.

If I could go back in time, I’d tell my younger self to hold on, bundle up, and take a break. The sun, in fact, will shine again.

Cold weather spa treatments from Dollar Tree won't break the bank. Keep a stash of self-care items on hand for when you need it most!
Cold weather blues? Plan a cold weather spa day with bargain items from Dollar Tree.
Keep a stash of cold weather spa day items on hand for when you need it most!