Change your evening routine to get maximum sleep.

Does your evening routine make you calm and ready for a great sleep? If not, try these 10 soothing ways to transform your night.

Trouble sleeping? This evening routine will help.

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I remember my fantasy so clearly. Driving through the pharmacy pick up lane, I wondered just how much money would get the clerk to shop for the essentials I needed and pass them through my minivan window.

Bleary-eyed from a night with sick toddlers, I dreamed of days ahead when my two car-seated passengers could take care of themselves.

Surely then, I reasoned, deep and refreshing slumber would be mine!

Enter perimenopause: the tortuous phase of recurring acne, weight gain, and sleepless nights. Just when I was getting a handle on the parenting gig, hormonal changes threw me this zinger.

Sleep Over 40

If you’re over 40 and having trouble falling or staying asleep, you’re in good company. A recent study proves what women have known for decades: bedtime becomes tricky as we age.

The study, from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, found that close to 20 percent of all women aged 40 to 59 said they had trouble falling asleep on four or more nights in the prior week.


No matter where you fall in the journey of hormonal changes, chances are good your sleep patterns have suffered.

Establishing a routine for bedtime helps, but where to start? Here are a few of my go-to rituals for an evening routine that soothes me into restful slumber.

Favorite Evening Routine for Skincare

Avoid dry skin over 40 by making skincare part of your evening routine.
Dry skin over 40 requires a lot of TLC.

At no other time of day will you have a concentrated block to nourish and re hydrate your skin. Take advantage of bedtime to gently remove every trace of makeup and apply a night time cream for skin over 40. Here are some of my favorite products:

Soothing Nighttime Reads

Avoid screen time and recharge your phone in another room, if at all possible. Choose a read you can relax with and read in small amounts. Something without slasher scenes and gory details, like one of these:

Morning Prep

For me, this ritual is the toughest to initiate. But, once you have a pattern of pre-prep in place, you’ll become a believer. Waking up to the aroma of a fresh pot of coffee and knowing I’ll be greeted by a clean sink starts my day on the right note.

Choose a soothing alarm clock and set your wakeup time as part of your evening routine.
Preparing for morning makes the alarm a little less harsh.

Start with one item on the list and work up to all four, or add others that work better for you.

  1. Make Coffee
  2. Lay out clothes and jewelry
  3. Plan for workout
  4. Straighten kitchen

Bath Rituals

I know not everyone loves a nice, hot soak, but nothing relaxes me better. If you’re a bather too, here are some budget-friendly products to try:

Comfy Jammies

Slipping into a cozy set of pajamas takes my blood pressure down immediately. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Warm Sheets

Nothing soothes my tired body like warm sheets. If you feel the same, tuck a heating pad under your coverlet a few minutes before you get in bed.

Extra Large Heating pad

Video Series Favorites

My husband and I enjoy watching a series before bed. Finding something we both enjoy can be a challenge, since he loves war dramas and my taste leans toward the Rom-Com.

Here are three series we’ve both agreed on. Maybe you’ll like them, too. Be forewarned, some have adult language and situations, so make sure they fit your preferences.

Dental Care

I love going to the dentist! Said no one, ever…

Giving your pearly whites a few minutes of attention will keep your smile looking younger and help you avoid painful and costly procedures down the road.

Avoid dental procedures by flossing with your evening routine.
Ugh… Avoid at all cost.

Oral B Glide Dental Floss

Perfect for those of us with tight dental work, especially in back teeth. Flossing is no fun, but this gentle, smooth floss makes it less of a big deal. Flossing regularly has the added benefit of improving heart health.

Listerine Mouthwash

I try to do everything I can to avoid dental procedures, since I inherited poor dental genes from my parents. During my last dental cleaning, the hygienist suggested I add mouthwash to my routine.

Crest 3D Whitening Toothpaste

Maintenance for coffee and tea drinkers. A tarnished grin can add years to our faces. There are so many budget-friendly and gentle whiteners on the market. You’re sure to find something that works for you.

Weighted Blankets

These blankets are all the rage to add to your evening routine. I would love to try one this year, so please leave a comment if you have a recommendation.

Here are three choices in various price ranges and functions:

Just because I’m no longer tempted to bribe the drive through pharmacist to slip a package of diapers through the window, doesn’t mean sleep comes without effort these days.

I’ve traded those sweet, sleepless days of raising little ones for worried nights wondering what my young adults are up to and when I’ll hear from them next.

Developing an evening routine has helped me get a solid night’s sleep so I have the mental and emotional energy to face whatever the next day holds.

Disclaimer: By writing this post, I do not act as a medical or dental professional. These are products I use and enjoy or would like to try. Please consult your medical and dental professionals for advice and use these products at your own discretion and risk.

Change your evening routine and get a great night's rest.
Try a new evening routine and get some much-needed rest.
Trouble sleeping? This evening routine will help.