Simplify your skincare routine to take great care of your skin.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a fellow sufferer in the skincare aisle.  Maybe it was you- we both had our reading glasses on and a befuddled look, trying to tell a ceramide from an antioxidant and looking for an anti-wrinkle cream that didn’t cost a fortune.

Sound familiar?  If you’ve read My Aging Manifesto, you know I strongly dislike the words “anti-aging”, whether it’s a description of skincare or anything else.  Rather than breaking the bank to erase wrinkles and lines I have rightfully earned by a life spent laughing and loving, I have chosen to invest in products that nurture the very best and healthiest skin I can have today and for years to come.

Here are my requirements:


I originally set a limit of $20 and under for any one product, but soon found that’s difficult to do in some cases.  I chose instead to only spend over $20 on products that cannot be found elsewhere and last long enough to make the cost worthwhile.

Up to date

Many of my friends have expressed distrust of skincare marketing and as a result, have stuck with the products they’ve been using since high school.  The skincare industry has come a long way since then!  I want to take full advantage of all that modern research can offer.

Pleasant smell and texture

Some of the store brands I’ve compared have the same ingredients as costly brands, but the scent, packaging, or feel of the product reminded me that I was using a knock-off.  The goal is saving money while having the same experience as a higher-priced item.

Safe and effective

Less money spent on an item that causes a skin reaction or clogged pores is still money wasted.  Trust me, I’ve learned this one the hard way!

Produces Results

While I’d like my family to recognize me at the next reunion, I’d also like them to ask what I’m doing differently.  My skincare routine, when used consistently, should make a difference in the health of my skin and enhance my appearance.

How about you?  What are your skincare requirements?