Use my manifesto to come up with your own mantra.

When it comes to getting older, I’ve found I have a longer list of “don’ts” than “dos”.  For instance, I don’t want to be one of those people who are afraid of falling and breaking a bone, I don’t want to start wearing polyester pants or orthopedic shoes, and I don’t want a helmet hairstyle.

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Sadly, I’ve spent a lot more time, energy and money avoiding the inevitable than embracing it.  One of the reasons I chose to start blogging is because I realized my old way of thinking was keeping me frustrated, self-conscious and at the mercy of the latest marketing fad.  When it came right down to it, none of my anti-aging efforts fooled anyone.

Those who age admirably have one thing in common:  they haven’t bought into an “old” mindset.  They aren’t trying to cram themselves into someone else’s mold; they stay active doing things they love.  They have dear friends and stay in contact with them.   They have a great sense of humor and take setbacks in stride.  They have a genuine interest in others and find their own stories a bit boring.  They listen easily and offer an encouraging word.

In an effort to weave these qualities into my everyday experience, I’ve come up with an “Aging Manifesto”.  Some guiding principles I hope will keep me pointed in the right direction and thriving through the rest of my life.


I will erase the words “anti-aging” from my vocabulary, along with the philosophy that youth is more valuable than maturity and experience.

Click here for your free My Aging Manifesto printable!

I refuse to compete. 

I will celebrate life in all its phases and stages.  My motivation is achieving my personal best, not “keeping up” or looking or acting like something I’m not.

I will promote others. 

I have an abundance of gifts and experiences and choose to share them in any way that might move someone forward in life, rather than living in the past.

I have not “arrived”. 

I will seek out and embrace those who are generous or provide a positive message.  I will humbly ask for and accept help when I need it.

I will live with great anticipation. 

When I look for blessings, I will find them all around me.  Even though hardships will come, I choose to believe they are a pathway to greatness.

How about you? What’s in your manifesto? Share with us!

Click here for your free My Aging Manifesto printable!