Get Your Entire Home Clean & Organized

What if I told you having a clean and organized home is possible? Without paying BIG bucks or using up your precious weekends? Although I don’t have a magic wand that will give you these results instantly, I do have a step-by-step process that will get you the relaxing, uncluttered environment you’ve been longing for. […]

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How to Organize Food in a Small Kitchen

Small Space Food Storage

Ready to get your small space kitchen clean and organized? Even better-put systems in place so it stays that way? I’ve learned so much about the value of kitchen organization from living in a 1,000 square foot rental home. Please, pretty please, allow me to shorten your learning curve by sharing some of these tips […]

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Dollar Tree Laundry Room Redo

Even if your laundry area is as tiny as mine it doesn’t have to be dreary or expensive to organize. Here’s the inspiration you need to start your own laundry room redo! Check Your Surfaces Start by taking a really good look at the surfaces in your laundry area. Sometimes a thorough scrubbing does wonders. […]

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How to Choose Small Space Christmas Decor

Small Space Christmas Decor Hacks

Small Space Christmas Decor Clear the holiday overwhelm and make your home a calm, inviting space for friends and family this season! If you’ve recently downsized your home or just crave a simpler decor theme, these small space Christmas decor hacks will get you on the right track. Three Essential Items These “anchor” items will […]

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DIY Dollar Tree Summer Lemon Decor


Make DIY Dollar Tree summer lemon decor for pennies! I’ll show you how to make high-end front porch decor, including your own decoupage lemons! If you’ve come over from my YouTube channel, welcome! New to Skip to My Life? My husband and I recently downsized from a McMansion to a tiny, love cottage once our […]

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