Strengthen your family with these 5 things your kids need to know about their grandparents.

Trying to strengthen your family? Start with these 5 things your kid needs to know about their grandparents. Print the questions and start the conversation.

Print these 5 questions and make sure your kids know about their grandparent's history.
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Perspective is everything. Crazy headlines and changing world events have our young adults searching for a way to make sense of it all.

In the midst of our everyday busyness and frequent distractions, inter-generational bonds often suffer. Our culture doesn’t help. Unlike other parts of the world, the US often characterizes elders as “out of touch” and fragile, instead of wise and experienced.

Your kid needs to know these 5 things about their grandparents. Show them the printable today.
Have them put that cell phone to good use by calling a grandparent.

Steer your young adult in a different direction and give them a bit of perspective with this Interview a Grandparent printable.

Things Your Kid Needs To Know About Their Grandparents

My kids have two living grandparents. Up to now, we’ve taken their health and presence in our lives a bit for granted. But recent health scares have made us especially aware of their unique value in our family.

as we’re growing up, we often never stop to think about who they were before we knew them

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What better time to check in on them and ask these 5 open-ended questions. Even if you think you know them pretty well, chances are very good you’ll learn something new.

If your young adult has been sidetracked by changes in their immediate plans, they need help finding a new focus. After all, today’s adversities may very well be the springboard for tomorrow’s success.

With a bit of perspective from someone who’s lived a bit longer, your young adult may find a new strategy to cope with their current challenges. Whether they choose to interview a grandparent or seek out another elder, they’ll make a connection they won’t soon forget.

Print The List

I decided to take these questions for a test run before I released them to the public. So, I called my in-laws. My FIL informed me he was too busy writing his congressman to speak with me, but my MIL was game.

Among the things your kid needs to know about their grandparents: the family pets.
I learned the names of the family pets.

Over the span of about 15 minutes, she shared a treasure trove of her life’s thoughts and memories. Among other facts, I learned:

  • Two mules named Tom and Tobe pulled the family wagon to cut down the annual Christmas tree
  • Her overarching philosophy of life (it was amazing!)
  • She loved Judy Garland and Marlon Brando and knew all kinds of trivia about them

Although your kids have probably grown weary of the same family stories, this list will likely uncover hidden gems, as it did for me.

Encourage your young adult to make the most of this unique time by interviewing an older adult. Not only will it cheer the grandparent, it just might make your kid a better listener. Sell it as a great “soft skill” for job interviews or make it a part of their daily assignment.

They May Surprise You

In the middle of our current crisis, it’s easy to forget the trials of past generations. We can gain wisdom and determination from stories of the past. Instead of modeling panic and fear, we can instill a deep sense of confidence and optimism by making the most of our family resources.

After all, many of our parents grew up before disposable conveniences like facial tissues, paper plates and plastic utensils. Instead of giving in to fear and isolation, encourage your young adult to make a point of reaching out to the older adults in their life.

This Interview a Grandparent printable is a great place to start.

To quote my Mother in Law, “There’s always a lesson in everything you go through.”

Print these 5 questions and make sure your kids know about their grandparent's history.
Print this list of 5 things your kids need to know about their grandparents. It may surprise you!
Take advantage of down time with this printable of 5 things your kid needs to know about their grandparents.