Create the perfect pantry!

If your pantry feels overwhelming and daunting, you’ve come to the right place! Create the perfect pantry for Back To School using budget-friendly items from Dollar Tree. My free resource helps you make a simple, effective Command Center. You’ve got this!!

Watch this first…

Click here for Command Center pages and labels:

Perhaps no other area of the home is as essential as food storage. Especially when so many of us have had our fall plans turned upside-down, a tidy pantry can start your day right!

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The Perfect Pantry

How’s your fall shaping up? Many of us are living a very different daily reality than we anticipated. Perhaps you planned for your student to return to college, but now they’ll be hanging around until spring.

Maybe your young adult planned to be working full-time, but a tough job market means they’ll need to crash at your place for awhile.

Systems that work for your ordinary routine quickly become frustrating with a few extra people around the house. If your pantry makes you want to scream and run from the house, here’s help!

Start by assessing your space.

  • What are your biggest daily frustrations?
  • Do you really use all your appliances and stored items?
  • How much basmati rice can one family truly consume?

Remember, you can always donate unused cans and appliances to the many needy pantries needing items now.

Start Here

Once you’ve developed a simple plan for the perfect pantry, gather some simple organizing tools. The links below take you to some of my favorite pantry organizers for just $1 each!

Watch the video above for great ideas on how to use these.

Dollar Tree Containers:

Metal Risers:

Locker bins:

Slide out rectangle bin with handle:

White dishpan:

My Favorite Labels:

Do This Next

Now you’re ready to tackle the project. If you need company while you’re organizing, binge-watch my playlist here:…

If possible, take everything out, wipe down the shelves, and line them with a cute shelf paper. This simple step with make such a difference in providing a clean, uncluttered background for your food staples.

On the practical side, the perfect pantry is also low-maintenance. When the inevitable spill takes place, shelf paper makes clean up easy.

As you return items to the shelves, group them as you’d find them in a grocery story aisle. Crazy for tacos? Place shells, seasoning, and sauce close to each other. Love lasagna? Keep noodles, canned goods and spices nearby.

One Last Thing

Don’t forget to add some simple artwork, a shopping list, or calendar to your space. Make it easy for each family member to keep this space uncluttered and take note of empties.

To copy the design of the artwork and command center I created in the above video, click on these links:

Charger Plates: Document Frame:

Link to Calendar Clip Art:…

Gallery Wall video:

Disclosure: I proudly endorse the products in my videos and receive a small commission on items you purchase through links below- at no added cost to you.

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