These spring care package free printables will make your job a breeze!
Send an economical package they’ll love.

Your college student will love these spring care package free printables. You’ll love the money saving instructions for mailing and what to include!

Get these spring care package free printables and have fun sending your love.
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For even more care package ideas, read The Best Cheap Ideas For Care Package Success. This post includes a video tutorial and free printable with tips and tricks to help you save money.

Free Printables

If you’re anything like me, you’re missing your kids plenty by now. Keep in touch and show your love by sending a Spring Care Package full of stuff they’ll love-without spending a fortune.

Here’s how:

First, you’ll want to download these Spring Care Package Printables. Each sheet is designed to fit perfectly inside a small, USPS flat rate box, as pictured. You can pick these boxes up free at your local post office.

Under the greeting, there’s plenty of space for you to write a personal note or tape a gift card.

If you choose not to go with the flat rate box, use the printables as mailing labels for larger packages or as an enclosure sheet for a letter or note. Please comment and let me know your great ideas!

Once you've finished your spring care package, write "OPEN HERE" on the flap.
Write “Open Here” on the outside flap so they’ll see your greeting.

Tape or glue the printable to the inside surface of the box before you assemble it. Once the box is filled, use the adhesive provided to seal the flap. Then write “OPEN HERE” on the outside surface of the flap.

This way, your student will see your fun greeting right away and know how much you care.

Spring Care Package

Whether your child is a college student, working full time, in the military or living at home, springtime provides many opportunities for reminding them how much you love them.

Read this for detailed instructions on money-saving care package tips.
Don’t forget St. Patrick’s Day!

Don’t miss the chance to let them know you’re thinking about them with these spring care package printables.

Easy Mailing Instructions

If you’re using the USPS small, flat rate box, postage cost will be $7.88 (check current rate). You can send any weight to any location in this box without an additional charge.

For the same size box (5.375 x 8.625 x 1.625 inches) without flat rate pricing, cost varies widely depending on weight and location, or destination zone. You can mail your package for less than the flat rate pricing if you are very careful with weight and know the mailing rate for your child’s zone.

These spring care package printables include March Madness!
March Madness fun!

Let me warn you, destination zones make mailing costs tricky. I’ve been stunned to find a higher postage price for a local package versus sending something several states away.

Personally, I prefer the sure thing. I simply pick up the small flat rate box at my local post office and fill it with goodies for my kid. Before I mail the package, I’ve figured the fixed postage price into my care package budget.

What to Include

I recommend taking the assembled box with you when you purchase filler items. You’ll avoid the frustration of buying items that won’t fit and have fun creating your gift as you stroll the store aisles.

As much as we want to shower our kids with goodies that will lift their spirits, big packages can be overwhelming. And, have you seen their living area lately? Most of them inhabit tiny, cluttered spaces.

Over the years, I’ve learned the tiny star of every care package is THE GIFT CARD. A $5 coffee card during spring semester will make you very popular without much effort.

Here are some additional favorites to include:

  • Small Greeting Card
  • Headphones/charger/phone case
  • Stickers/sticky notes
  • Playing cards/card game
  • Stress ball/prank items
  • Spring Pencils/erasers/pens/journal
  • Party favors or bouncy balls
  • Collapsible shopping bag
  • Chap stick or lip gloss
  • Gum/Candy/Chocolate
  • Gift card for coffee or movie
  • Toothbrush/nail grooming kit
  • Recent family or pet picture in frame
  • Small coloring or puzzle book

All the items you see pictured in my care package inspiration photos are from Dollar Tree.


Now, sit back and wait for the text or phone call! And don’t forget to let me know how your care package turned out and which items they loved best.

These spring care package printables include St. Pat's, March Madness, and Easter.
Get these spring care package free printables and have fun sending your love.
Spring care package inspiration with these 3 printables and money saving instructions.