Make your move easier with these ideas.

We survived!  I feel like everyone who’s gone through a recent move should have a T-shirt with those words.  It’s an experience right up there with oral surgery.  If you have a move coming up, let me share a few of the tips I learned from our move.

Stock up on large, sturdy trash bags.

Make garment bags by scooping clothes up from the bottom and tying the bag off at the hanger.  This way, you can throw your clothes in the back of a car knowing they won’t get dirty or dropped in the street. Once you get to your new place, you can unwrap your clothes and use the bags for trash.

Place signs on walls and on rooms. 

The day before our move, I went over to the new place and posted signs for the movers, so they would know where big items like the couch and kitchen table went.  Remember, they don’t know your family’s names or what rooms you want furniture.  If you have the luxury of getting to your new house before the movers, this will save you a lot of annoying questions through the day.

Expect delays

If you’re under the illusion that moving day will go off without a hitch, you are setting yourself up for frustration.  Our moving day coincided with a hard snow that left our move half-done for a week.  I also had a nasty cold, and our kids needed to get back to school after Thanksgiving break.  Even though I considered myself organized, we ended up throwing things in unmarked boxes toward the end.

Just remember your move won’t be neat and tidy, no matter how well you’ve planned.

Stock up on IKEA bags.

Order these jumbo-sized IKEA bags with sturdy handles for your bedding, clothes, and essentials.  They’re easy to pack and transport  and are the only bags I’ve found that hold this much and take very little storage space when you’ve finished using them.

Don’t forget to laugh.

The emotion of moving overtook me at the least expected times.  I found a goofy hat of my husband’s and started wearing it.  It helped lighten the load.  I also think wearing a distinctive hat or shirt helps movers identify you as the go-to person.

Set up the beds and the kitchen first. 

At least you know you will have a place to sleep and eat.  My mother-in-law, a former military wife, is a moving pro and she taught me this valuable lesson.  I missed her mightily during this move, as she is usually the one who gets my kitchen in shape.

Budget for eating out.

Even if it’s just the two of you, you will be surprised how nice it is to sit down and be waited on after a day of hectic moving.

What are your favorite moving tips and tricks?