There’s more than just shaving cream to men’s skincare.

Let’s here it for the boys!  After 25 years of marriage, I’ve just recently come to appreciate the great grooming habits my husband incorporates into his daily routine.  He’s a man’s man in every sense of the word, but that doesn’t mean he’s let himself go.  When I walk into a room with other guys around our age, I notice that’s not always the norm.

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Guys have traditionally been the forgotten orphans of the skincare industry, but they are starting to get some love.  Many new products target the male demographic with muskier scents and items specially designed for their needs. 

If you’re in the dark about how guys grooming is different from ours, here are some categories to consider.  I hope they’ll help you steer your guy in the right direction.  Feel free to add anything your guy likes!

Sun Protection

Skin cancer is a bigger concern for men over 40, especially if they spent their youth tanning on the roof of a frat house or working summers as a lifeguard.  Most guys, by this age, are more aware that they need sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater.  Make sure they hit the often forgotten places like bald spots, backs of ears, and calves.

Dry Facial Skin

Shaving, especially during dry weather, can leave skin chapped and flaking.  Classic brands like Eucerin provide fragrance and alcohol-free lotions with neutral packaging that will appeal to a no-nonsense guy and leave him smoother and more comfortable.

Encourage him to update his shaving routine with a sharp razor that contains moisture or a good electric head.

Facial Hair

Men’s facial hair can be especially course and unruly and deserves special consideration.  My son recently introduced me to a whole line of fun beard balms and mustache products, marketed just for men.  These soaps and stylers make facial hair smoother and more cooperative.  Your guy might appreciate one as a gift and get hooked.

Eyebrows are their own conversation, am I right?  Here’s a great tutorial on correct technique for plucking and grooming eyebrows, yes plural.  Let’s start by agreeing there should be two separate brows and progress from there.


Guys who have never had dandruff can develop a dryer scalp as they age.  If you’re bold enough to point out snowy shoulders, make sure you have a solution in hand.  Head and Shoulders is still the go-to brand, but a little research might lead you to something you prefer more.

Ladies, don’t forget to let him know his grooming efforts have not gone unnoticed.  Please resist the urge to say the words, “It’s about time”, and instead, make your comments as smooth and appealing as his close shave.