Emotional Health

When You Witness Verbal Abuse: 5 Powerful Ways to Respond

Do you know how to respond if you witness verbal abuse in a public place?

Come with me to Five Below and rediscover yourself in Empty Nest. Plus, what would you do if you witnessed verbal abuse? 5 powerful ways to respond. Correction: In the video, I refer to the store as “Five and Below,” turns out it’s just “Five Below”. How to Respond In the video, I describe a […]

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Missing Your Kid? Watch This Powerful Video

Feeling lost in the empty nest? Stop missing your kid and get started on a new path.

This is a big week!  Keep coming back for 5 days of inspiration for Launching Young Adults.  If you’re missing your kid, don’t forget your free gift below. Start by downloading the Empty Nest Mom’s Survival Guide.  You’ll receive your first gift right away, then two more in your inbox.  The first download is 30 […]

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