Use these simple supplies to make buffalo plaid decor for just a few dollars!
Buffalo Plaid decor doesn’t have to be expensive! Watch how I use these crazy cheap items.

Buffalo Plaid decor makes your home look festive all fall! I’ll show you how to DIY door decor for crazy cheap. Your neighbors will be jealous…

I'll teach you how to make beautiful fall door decor for just a few dollars.

I’ve long admired the bold checks of the black and white craze. Scared away by the price, I’ve talked myself out of buying the adorable decor more than once.

But this fall, I decided to take a trip to Dollar Tree for crazy cheap items, and repurpose some things I already own.

If you’re ready to freshen up your front door (and make the neighbors jealous), follow along!

I know you can do this…

Watch me create Buffalo Plaid door decor!

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Start With These Items:

Buffalo Plaid Pumpkins

Begin this project by creating two buffalo plaid pumpkins. Two of my pumpkins had silk leaves decorating their tops. I removed the silk, and covered these two foam pumpkins with checked ribbon.

First, remove the wire from ribbon and cut in 1.5 in strips. Using craft or hot glue, attach strips of ribbon to two of the foam pumpkins, leaving the excess ribbon at the top of the pumpkin.

Next, make a “stem” by gathering the fringe at the top of your ribbon-covered pumpkin and twist it off with the wire you removed from the ribbon edges.

Make sure to remove the wire from your ribbon before gluing to pumpkins.
First, remove the wire from ribbon.
Cut the ribbon in strips and hot glue on two of the pumpkins.
Cut ribbon in strips and glue to pumpkin, leaving fringe at top.

Painting Greenery

Chances are, you have some silk greenery languishing in your attic or basement. A light spray of white or cream paint will give it new life for this project.

Give new life to old, silk greenery with a quick coat of spray paint.
Some old ferns got a quick coat of paint in the backyard breeze.

Chalk Board Sign

This 6×8 inch chalkboard was easily transformed into a cute sign by using stencils for the top letters and printing out the word “Fall” and tracing with graphite paper.

If you’ve ever been in awe of the gorgeous printing on signs, you need to invest in graphite paper! It’s very inexpensive and gives you the freedom to reproduce anything you can make on your laptop.

For the word “Fall”, I used Edwardian Script ITC font in 350 point type.

My Final Cost

Since I repurposed many of the items, I only ended up paying for: foam block, pumpkins, chalk board, and ribbon,

The Buffalo Plaid ribbon was my biggest splurge, but I found it at Hobby Lobby for 40% off, just $6.00 for a large spool.

TOTAL: $14.00

Finished product! Buffalo plaid decor doesn't have to be expensive.
Finished product!

But Wait, There’s More!

For Halloween fun, add just a couple items from Dollar Tree and paint the reverse side of your chalkboard. Abra Cadabra-festive trick or treating!

For just a couple dollars, you can transform fall decor into spooky Halloween!
Add just a few items for Halloween fun.

Thanks for joining me in this project, it was so much fun! Share your masterpiece here or on my Facebook page! I can’t wait to see what you create.

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Watch me demonstrate how to make buffalo plaid decor for your fall front door!
Buffalo Plaid decor doesn't have to be expensive. Watch how I use crazy cheap items!